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State DinosaurDinosaur at display at the Geology Learning Center


The Arkansas Geological Survey's Geology Learning Center is located at 1911 Thayer St. in Little Rock. Its purpose is to give students of earth science, of all ages, direct exposure to rocks, minerals, fossils, and fossil fuels in the presence of geologists who are involved every working day with those materials. The Geology Learning Center has a display area that is divided into 4 sections described below.

Economic Minerals -- A selection of some of the many rocks and minerals used by humans and some of the products obtained from these earth materials. Metal ores from Arkansas currently on display range from A (antimony) to Z (zinc) and nonmetallic raw materials from A (Arkansas Novaculite) to Q (quartz).

Fossil Fuels -- This area is devoted to Arkansas's fossil fuels -- petroleum, natural gas, coal and lignite. Information about their occurrence and how they are obtained is provided, and examples of some of the products obtained from them are shown.

Gems and Minerals -- A selection of some of the many minerals found in Arkansas, including the most valuable-- diamonds. A large natural quartz cavity is set into a diorama of the vein-bearing wall of a local mine.  A dark room contains an impressive display of minerals that fluoresce in black (ultra-violet) light.

Fossils -- Featuring life-sized models of a dinosaur (Arkansaurus fridayi) and a pterosaur.  Also shown are other vertebrate fossils, fossil trees, and some of the many important and fascinating invertebrate fossils found in Arkansas rocks.

For guided visits for schools or other groups, we request that arrangements be made in advance. Adequate parking is available for school buses.


Geology Learning Center
1911 Thayer Street
Little Rock, AR 72202

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Arkansas Geological Survey
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Arkansas Geological Survey
Vardelle Parham Geology Center
3815 West Roosevelt Road
Little Rock, AR 72204
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