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Earth Science Week Tool Kits are available now. Please contact Sandra Chandler at 501-683-0125 or
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2015 Theme

"Visualizing Earth Systems," the theme of Earth Science Week 2015, explores what it means to see our planet through eyes informed by the geosciences. Using technologies ranging from on-site data collection to satellite-based remote sensing, scientists investigate conditions of Earth systems. And today's geoscientists display their findings in charts, graphs, diagrams, illustrations, photos, videos, computer-generated animations, and 3D-printed creations.


  • To engage students in discovering the Earth sciences.
  • To remind people that Earth science is all around us.
  • To encourage Earth stewardship through understanding.
  • To motivate geoscientists to share their knowledge and enthusiasm about the Earth.

The Arkansas Geological Survey participates in educational outreach activities by visiting schools and leading fieldtrips for students and geology clubs. We provide rock and mineral packets to teachers and the general public, participate in the state teachers’ conference once a year, and answer questions for the public on a daily basis.

"Hands on" activity for Sylvan Hills Students

"Hands on" activity for Sylvan Hills Students

If you would like to make arrangements for a speaker to come to your school please contact Sandra Chandler by phone at 501-683-0125 or by email at or call our main office at 501-296-1877.

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