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Number Series DGM-HSR-003 
Title Geologic Map of the Hot Springs North, Hot Springs South, Fountain Lake, and Lake Catherine Quadrangles, Garland, Hot Spring, and Saline Counties, Arkansas
Author (s) Ty C. Johnson and William D. Hanson
Date 2011
Scale 1:24,000
General Description From 2009 through 2011 the Arkansas Geological Survey undertook the geologic mapping of four United States Geological Survey 7.5 minute quadrangles surrounding Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas. This was done in cooperation with the National Park Service (NPS) which is currently interested in compiling more detailed geologic map data of selected park lands and areas adjacent. This project area includes: Hot Springs North, Hot Springs South, Fountain Lake and Lake Catherine quadrangles. This area lies within the Ouachita Mountains Physiographic Province and overlaps parts of the Mazarn and Saline Basins which are separated by the Zigzag Mountains. The Trap Mountains are located on the southern edge of the Mazarn Basin. Rocks in this area are predominantly sedimentary and deposited in a deep marine environment. They primarily consist of shale, sandstone, siltstone, novaculite, chert and conglomerate. Formations range in age from Ordovician to Mississippian and generally thicken to the south. Sparse plutonic igneous rocks were emplaced during the Cretaceous. All terraces were deposited along major streams during the Quaternary. Tufa has precipitated recently where the hot springs flow over the surface.

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