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AGC/AGS Series Miscellaneous Publication
Number Series MP-9
Title Phase I:  Core-Drilling Project--Peyton Creek Phosphate Area, Searcy--Van Buren Counties, Arkansas
Author (s) Arkansas Geological Commission
Date 1964
General Description

This report presents the results and their geologic interpretation of a core drilling project on the Peyton Creek phosphate deposits in Searcy and Van Buren Counties, Arkansas.  Two deposits are discussed.  Eight core holes were drilled on the Marshall deposit, and it was found to decrease in thickness away from the outcrop.  A table presents the analytical results for 15 samples from the 8 Marshall core holes.   

Six core holes were drilled on the Ferguson deposit.  A cross section based on an outcrop and 3 core holes shows the attitude of the phosphate-bearing unit of this deposit.  A table presents the analytical results of 12 samples from the six core holes.  A drilling program is recommended to increase the ore reserves (1.5 million tons) developed on the Ferguson deposit during the Phase I drilling.  The report contains two Appendices, one with gamma ray logs of selected drill holes, and the other with stratigraphic logs of core drill holes.

*Includes:  39 pages, 1 figure, 25 logs

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